Similarly Exciting Super Pair Baccarat is another advanced game than can be enjoyed by the players only at CMG Club. Our DTS System offers two exciting bonus side bets. Exciting Super Pair Baccarat is now available on the DTS platform in full virtual version. Exciting Super Pair Baccarat follows traditional baccarat game play, with players betting on the outcome of a Player Hand versus a Banker Hand, with the hand closest to a total of nine winning the game round. On the CMG table either card may be peeked from any angle, preserving the traditional peek/reveal experience popular with many Baccarat players. For faster play, the game also can be set to play face up, with the cards revealing as they are dealt. To get into the game on a CMG table a player touched BUY IN and hands the host their buy in cash or ticket. The player verifies the deposit amount and their funds are transferred to their position and the money is converted into on-screen credits and virtual chips. Players can select the type of the bet they wish to make by touching either the player, Banker or Tie bet circle. Once a bet type selection is made, players add a bet amount by simply touching their chips in the player bank.

To remove chips from a bet, players can touch clear or touch the chips in the selected bet circle until their bet is correct. In addition to the main bet, players may place one or two bonus bets (if available) which will be paid according to the house selected bonus pay chart. After the Player Hand and Banker Hand are played, the outcome shows on each screen and bet results are calculated and displayed automatically. The History Bar at the top of the each player screen records the result and keeps track of the last fifty game outcomes. Each participating player’s bank is automatically updated to reflect all wins and losses. Players wishing to leave the game can simply touch CASH OUT. All the baccarat machines are GSA (Gaming Standards Association) and GLI(Gaming Laborities International) standard certified.