Exciting Super Pair Blackjack is so much more than traditional Blackjack ! in addition to offering two bonus side bets. Exciting Super Pair Blackjack on our System offering a virtual true table game experience while out performing felt tables two to one. Exciting Super Pair Blackjack is now available on DTS platform in a full virtual version. It offers the player large 17 inch touch screen displays that provide a great view of all the game action as well as the player’s compete bank and betting information. When its time to place a bet, a simple touch on-screen virtual chips allows the player to quickly make their desired wager. Friendly status graphics help keep the player updated on all the game play. To get into the game a player touches BUY IN or enters their AFT account number through the player input module located below the player screen. The player’s selected fund amount is transferred to their position and the money is converted into on-screen credits and virtual chips. Players can then select the type of the bet they wish to make by touching either the main bet circle or one of the bonus bets circle (if available) on their screen. Once a bet type selection is made, players add a bet amount by simply touching their chips in the player bank.

To remove chips from a bet, players can touch clear or touch the chips in the selected bet circle until their bet is correct. In addition to the main bet, player may place one or two bonus bets (if available) which will be paid according to the house selected bonus pay chart. There are four popular bonus side bets for the club to choose from: High Tie Blackjack and Up card Luck 21 bonus bets, which are paid on the first two cards or hole cards and the Bad Beat Blackjack and Buster Blackjack bonus bets, which are paid on the final hand outcome or end game. All our blackjack machines are GSA (Gaming Standards Association) and GLI(Gaming Laborites International) standard certified.