Roulette Games

Futura 10 player Roulette and Omega 8 player Roulette is an electronic version of Roulette which allows eight players to play at a time in an ultra modem style. The roulette wheel is regarded as the most exciting and easiest game to play. Omega has ergonomic shape and ample legroom, a touch screen monitor perfectly positioned, and comfortable palm rest covered with leather and pleasant appearance and extremely comfortable to play for players. The best part is its user friendly and accepts calling bets such as Neighbor bets, Zero Spiel, Close to Zero or Version, orphans and 5/8 series of Tears. the facility of calling bet is only available at CMG Club.

We have both Live Table Roulette and 10 player Machine Roulette which are GSA (Gaming Standards Association) and GLI(Gaming Laborites International) standard certified.